Ornamental grasses

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Ornamental grasses as a garden decoration for every season

Ornamental grasses are grateful plants in any garden, as they can achieve a great effect with little effort. In the summer months most ornamental grasses bloom, in the fall they take on an often stunning color. You can enjoy the beautiful ornamental grasses from our garden online shop throughout the year.

The benefits of ornamental grasses for your garden

Most ornamental grasses are extremely easy to care for and therefore ideal for landscaping. Once planted, they usually need little water and often only have to be cut once a year. On the one hand, ornamental grasses are a real eye-catcher, which enhances your entire garden landscape. On the other hand, they are a visual haven of tranquility, through which flowering plants around them really come into their own. Even in winter, ornamental grasses do not lose their appeal. The inflorescences move with the wind, rime collects on the tips and there is actually every day something new to see. For these reasons, ornamental grasses should not be missing in any garden or bed. Especially at sunrise and sunset, the ornamental grasses come to the fore through the golden light.

Which ornamental grasses are the right ones for my garden?

In our garden online shop we have a large selection of ornamental grasses in all colors. The evergreen grasses give you pleasure in every season. Fall in love with a bright green bearskin grass, a colorful Japanese blood grass or the exotic-looking pampas grass. They get the plants from us fresh and without detours via the middleman. This allows us to offer you fair prices for all ornamental grasses with the best quality.