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Trees for every garden

Trees in the garden can fulfil a variety of tasks. They can provide shade, enchant the senses with their blossoms and fragrance or delimit garden areas. It always depends on which tree you choose. In our garden online shop you will find a nice selection of different native and exotic trees in various sizes. Shrub trees with slender trunks and topiary crowns are also available from us.

Buying trees - which tree is the right one?

Deciding which species will integrate optimally into your garden landscape depends largely on the size of your plot. An amber tree, for example, grows up to 20 metres high, the blood maple up to 15 metres. They need plenty of space to grow and should be given sufficient opportunity to develop fully in your garden. For medium-sized gardens, we recommend trumpet trees or globe robinias. With a growth height of between five and eight metres, they require considerably less space. Small trees for the garden are species such as the Chinese flower dogwood, lilac or globe maple. Before you buy trees and plant a tree, you should think carefully about the dimensions you would like to enjoy in years to come.

In addition to the size of the different species, the foliage also plays an important role. Do you want evergreen varieties? Yews or hollies on trunks delight with a dark, lush green all year round. Do you prefer beautifully flowering deciduous trees? Lilacs, magnolias and cherry trees are among the species of trees that turn the garden into a sea of blossoms once a year. If you are not a fan of blossoms but prefer unusual leaves and colours, then the Malus Red Sentinel (bears red fruit in winter), maple, ginko or the silk tree are ideal for you. No matter what you are passionate about, you can buy your suitable trees from us.

Tips for planting trees

Trees belong to gardens like flowers and grass. To ensure that your new green friends feel at home and that you can enjoy them for a long time, it is best to follow these tips:
-use root barriers where necessary to limit the growth of the tree.
-support young trees and species with thin trunks
-consider growth height, root type and crown width.

As soon as you plant your tree, it will begin to spread its roots underground. To prevent damage to house walls, pavements and the like over time, you should place root barriers in the ground if necessary. If you plant a young tree or a species with a long slender trunk, a tripod will help to stabilise the tree in wind and weather. Now, whichever species it ends up being when you plant a tree, then consider the dimensions of the mature tree. How tall do trees of this type grow and how wide is their crown? The optimal trees for the garden should still leave enough light for your other plants to grow healthily.

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