Ground cover evergreen

Evergreen ground covers a great choice for the garden

Evergreen groundcovers are an excellent choice for gardens that require green and well-kept landscaping all year round. Unlike deciduous groundcovers, which lose their leaves in autumn and look bare in winter, evergreen groundcovers retain their foliage and leaves all year round. Evergreen ground covers offer many benefits to the garden, including suppressing weeds, stabilising the soil and improving soil quality.

Different types of evergreen groundcovers for different locations.

Evergreen groundcovers can be used as design elements in gardens to create different colours, textures and shapes. Some varieties, such as ivy, can grow up walls, while others, such as periwinkle, form dense ground pads. Some evergreen groundcovers are also flowering plants that can add colour and interest to the garden. Evergreen günsel, for example, produces pretty purple flowers in the spring, while evergreen chickweed bears small yellow flowers in spring and summer.

Care and maintenance of evergreen ground covers

Evergreen groundcovers are usually low-maintenance plants that require minimal maintenance. They are a great option for any garden owner looking for a simple and effective way to cover unsightly areas in the garden and create attractive landscaping that stays green all year round. They only need occasional watering and pruning to maintain their shape and size. However, some varieties, such as ivy, can be aggressive in growth and need occasional pruning to keep them under control. Evergreen ground covers are a great option for slopes and embankments as they can help prevent erosion and stabilise the soil.

Overall, evergreen groundcovers are an excellent choice for any garden that needs attractive, low-maintenance landscaping all year round. With a variety of species to choose from, suitable for different locations and soil types, there is always an option to suit every garden style and need.