Organic garden fertiliser

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Environmentally friendly care for your garden: The use of organic fertilisers

Organic garden fertilisers are an excellent choice for gardeners who prefer a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of caring for their plants. Unlike synthetic fertilisers, organic fertilisers contain no chemical substances or artificial additives and are instead based on natural materials such as compost, animal excreta, plant residues or minerals.

Natural fertiliser for healthy plants: How organic fertiliser supports growth

Organic fertilisers offer many benefits for the garden. For one thing, they improve the soil and promote plant growth naturally. Due to their composition, they enrich the soil with important nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. At the same time, they also promote the growth of beneficial soil organisms, such as bacteria and fungi, which contribute to soil fertility.

Responsible garden care

Another advantage of organic fertilisers is that they are less harmful to the environment than synthetic fertilisers. While conventional fertilisers often contain harmful chemicals and heavy metals, organic fertilisers are free of such substances and leave no residue in the soil or plants.

The right use of organic garden fertiliser

Organic fertilisers are also easy to use. They can be available in the form of granules, liquids or powders and can be applied either directly to the soil or to the leaves of the plants, as required.
Overall, using bio-fertilisers is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to maintain the garden. By promoting soil fertility and the growth of beneficial microorganisms, they help to create a healthy and vital garden, rich in healthy and tasty plants.