the glossy medlar

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The glossy medlar - a real eye-catcher

The glossy medlar or Photinia hedge plant is justifiably very popular. The rose plant, which originates from Asia, bears leaves all year round and is suitable both as a specimen plant and as a hedge plant. A glossy medlar hedge is characterised by its resistance to pruning and good cold tolerance.
The glossy medlar is particularly interesting because of its decorative play of colours. While its leaves are a strong green colour in summer, the medlar has reddish brown to red leaves in winter. The freshly sprouting leaves in spring have a bright red colour.
The glossy medlar can grow up to 15 metres high, but does not usually exceed a height of 3-5 metres.

Care and pruning of Photinia

Compared to other hedge plants, the Photinia is a little more demanding but still easy to care for. It needs a nutrient-rich garden soil. In winter, the photinia should receive as little frost as possible. Ideally, the soil should have good water permeability, as the plant can only cope with waterlogging to a limited extent. If these conditions are met, the plant will grow into an opaque and decorative medlar hedge within a few years.
Pruning should be done after the first flowering of the medlar in spring. A sharp pair of scissors allows the cuttings to recover more quickly. Regular pruning ensures that the hedge retains a high density and grows more in width than in height. It is essential that the photinia is not pruned during frost or strong sunshine. This would cause the fresh cuttings to burn or freeze. This delays budding, the plants recover much more slowly from pruning and their growth is permanently impaired.
Pruning has another desirable effect on the medlar. The newly emerging leaves are bright red in colour. This means that colour accents can be deliberately added to the overall appearance of the hedge and the garden.

Photinia - An eye-catcher for every garden

Many different gardeners have many different gardens but in every garden there is a place for a glossy medlar. With its decorative colour play of green, brown and bright red, the Photinia creates accents that can enhance any garden and make it more appealing. As a hedge plant, it creates a natural garden border that is both a privacy screen and an eye-catcher. As the glossy medlar hedge is relatively easy to care for, it is also a good choice for budding amateur gardeners. The glossy medlar flower also provides another highlight in spring. The small white flowers form a wonderful contrast to the green and red of the Photinia.
Whether you are an advocate of natural gardens, stylish gardens planned down to the last detail or even themed gardens, the glossy medlar enhances the overall appearance of your retreat with its play of colour. It combines well with cherry laurel or yew.

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