Ground cover a-z

Design your garden with different ground cover species Ground...

Groundcover flowering

Flowering ground covers: colourful highlights for your garden...

Ground cover evergreen

Evergreen ground covers a great choice for the garden...

Ground cover shade tolerant

Shade-tolerant groundcovers: an ideal choice for shady areas...

Ground cover plants for a green and flowering garden landscape

The sight of a bare, naked soil without flowering and greening plants is hard to bear for a true garden lover. The solution for all seasons is ground coverer plants such as Pachysandra and Vinca, turning the naked soil into a full plant carpet. groundcovers fill interfering gaps between beds, hedges and trees and ensure a well-kept impression in every garden landscape. Depending on the type, soilers are often very unpretentious and grow in trees or roofs even in low-sun areas of their garden.

Enjoy the sight of the green cushions for your garden

With the right groundcovers you can achieve beautiful effects for your garden as garden and Property owners. Flowerbeds, in which the individual flowers stand a little further apart, are much fuller by means of evergreens. In addition, Groundcovers save a lot of time for the maintenance of your garden. For example, they prevent the weeds growing in excess and protect the soil on the other side from drying out. This way you do not need to pour so often.

Varied leaf shapes and ground cover in all colors of the rainbow

Groundcover plants available in our garden shop in the Internet in many different variants, which you choose so that they integrate harmoniously into the ensemble of your garden. Different leaf shapes and vibrant colors in red, pink, yellow, violet or blue ensure that your garden doesn´t look bare and un-grown on any day of the year. In our garden shop on the Internet, we have the right floor covering for every garden. For sunny and shady pitches, for large and small areas, we offer you the right ground coverers directly from the breeders of our region. Whether flowering or evergreen, let yourself be inspired by our current selection in the garden shop. Depending on the season:


  • Juniper green carpet
  • Cotoneaster
  • Waldsteinia
  • Campanula
  • Saint John's Wort
  • Sage
  • Corsican pearl wort
  • Phlox
  • Carnations
  • Heuchera