Climbing plants

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Climbing plants: climbing plants are all the rage

They grow and flower on walls, fences and enclosures. Climbing plants are not only ideal for beautifying structures. Climbing plants also provide an ideal habitat for birds, small animals and insects. Facade greening promotes biodiversity. This makes the home garden a real home for many small animals and insects that are indispensable for our ecosystem. Climbing plants come in all kinds of varieties: as beautiful flowering climbers such as the yellow climbing rose, evergreen and hardy climbers such as the winter jasmine, with different fragrances and much more. Climbing plants require little floor space and are therefore particularly suitable when there is little space available.

In densely built-up areas, not everyone has a large garden at their disposal. In some streets, front gardens are even missing altogether. Facade greening, however, can considerably beautify the streetscape and make the living environment more pleasant. Facade greening is a nice solution here, because the idea behind it is easy to implement: the more flowers and plants, the more beautiful and pleasant the view of the street.

Climbing plants offer a wide variety of Advantages

Some flowering climbers have a charming fragrance in addition to their colourful blooms. They all go through the seasons with different flowers, fruits and changes in leaf colour. Wild vine is a perfect example of different foliage to match the season. Each climbing plant brings tranquillity and beauty. In addition, evergreen climbers like jasmine can break the monotony of brick and concrete, compensating to some extent for the lack of green space. Planted against a wall, fast-growing climbing plants such as a Chinese blue vine have an insulating effect and a protective function against noise and temperature fluctuations.

As a hedge replacement in the garden

One disadvantage of most hedges is that they often need a lot of space to grow tall and opaque. Even relatively narrow specimens, such as the laurel 'Genolia'® or Taxus media 'Hillii'. Therefore, the increasing space requirement is the biggest disadvantage of a good privacy hedge. So when the space of a garden is limited, it is easy to think that a living hedge is not an option for more privacy. But we can dispel this myth! The Hedera, also called ivy, for example, hardly needs any space in width. Hedera can be planted as an evergreen hedge against an existing fence or woven into a wire fence.

Flowering climbers as colourful eye-catchers!

Combine several varieties with different flowering times on your fence or enclosure to enjoy a wall full of flowers for as long as possible. The plants add many colour combinations and delicious fragrances to your garden. If, in addition to a display of flowers, you also like it to be unpretentious, we can particularly recommend the climbing hydrangea.

Many possibilities for greening

There are many possibilities for greening the garden with climbing plants. Beyond aesthetics, there are so many positive effects that can be achieved in terms of your well-being. Discover the beneficial effects of gardening and create your own oasis of well-being as a place of retreat. In our online shop Intragarten we offer climbing plants in many sizes and varieties - for every taste.