Spring bloomers

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Spring bloomers bring new life to your garden

The beneficial effect of colourful splashes of colour in your garden is well known. Especially in spring, spring-flowering plants come up trumps. Enjoy the first harbingers of spring, which even poke their shoots through the snow cover. The spring awakening in local gardens makes you want to buy one or the other perennial. The first bees and insects in particular will be delighted to see spring-flowering plants on your balcony or in the garden.

Spring bloomers bring character to your garden

They are witnesses to the fact that the sun has more power again. Bursting with vigour, Christmas roses and bergenia enchant bare ground and herald the spring awakening. To create a colourful cottage garden, think about which flowers and plants should bloom and when. Of course, flowers and shrubs that show themselves to the light quickly after winter are also part of it. Plant diversity and harmony result when you let your personal ideas flow into the garden design. A Zen garden needs noble restraint in which the spring bloomer can express itself. A nature garden allows for more wildness. Which garden suits you?

Put an end to Sleeping Beauty with early-flowering perennials

With its bright yellow, the forsythia will cause a stir in your ornamental garden. Its bushy growth makes it ideal as a hedge plant. Forsythia can be integrated into Feng Shui gardens and you can also buy these perennials for cottage and nature gardens. Spring-flowering perennials are best planted after winter, when there is no more frost. The same applies to the magnolia. It makes its grand entrance in April and May. With white-pink calyxes, it celebrates its blossoming and exudes a beguiling fragrance with its essential oils. The colour of its flowers varies between intense purple, pale pink or white. Magnolias fit very well into a Feng Shui garden, as they originally come from the Far Eastern culture. Tulip trees, magnolias and forsythia are spring-flowering shrubs that captivate with their sea of blossoms.

Fragrant shrubs that bloom in spring

When it comes to fragrance, the Mediterranean snowball should be mentioned alongside the magnolia and the tulip tree. This spring-flowering shrub already sprouts during the winter days and grows up to 3 metres high. With countless, delicate pink umbrellas, it spreads a fascinating fragrance. You will not simply pass it by without smelling its blossoms. Especially after winter, the spring awakening with a Mediterranean snowball is particularly intense. Remember to plant spring bloomers in good time. You can buy these in Intragarten's online shop and find a large selection there.

Buy flowering perennials and enjoy them for a long time

When you buy perennials, the practical thing is that they bloom and exude their charm every year, just in time for the start of spring. They are simply part of an atmospheric spring awakening and are particularly pleasing after the dark period. They can be combined with any garden style, are versatile and spread aesthetics and style on any green space. The care of magnolia, tulip tree, forsythia and snowball is simple. Once a year you can cut back the shoots. This will encourage the plant to flower more abundantly the next spring. Remember to get the spring-flowering plants that suit your garden in good time.