autumn flowering

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Enchanting autumn flowering plants as eye-catchers in your garden

Autumn flowering plants can continue to add colour to your garden as the season gets colder. There is a beautiful selection of late-flowering plants and autumn perennials, including hardy balcony plants. Having a flower in yellow, white, pink or purple in the garden or on the balcony in autumn as a winter planting will brighten up your view.

Insect-friendly garden ideas for autumn

There are some autumn flowering plants that you can plant for autumn that not only look beautiful, but that you can also use to do something good for insects that find less food in autumn.
One of these is the high verbena 'Lollipop', which offers a sea of flowers with its numerous, lavender-coloured blossoms until October. The upright growing herb can grow 50 - 60 cm high and is also ideal for bouquets.
The Magnificent Fat Hen also attracts bees and other nectar-seeking insects late in the year. Its pink flowers are convincing individually and in group plantings in flower beds, as pot plants, in borders or rock gardens. With a growth height of 30 - 50 cm, they are also suitable as hardy balcony plants in autumn.
The aster is also a useful plant for butterflies and bees in your autumn garden. You can admire its purple or white flowers from September to November. With its spherical growth it is also wonderfully suitable as a tub plant on the balcony or terrace. It is also a convincing autumn perennial in combination with other autumn-flowering plants or autumn-coloured grasses.

Hardy balcony plants in autumn, winter planting in window boxes

If you want to create some variety to the yellow - brownish discoloured leaves with garden ideas for autumn, you can plant these autumn flowering plants in autumn.
The pink budding heather, yellow coneflower, white budding heather, white winter heather and pink heather are all ornamental plants that add colour to your garden or patio in autumn. These autumn flowering plants are real eye-catchers in any autumn garden. They are also suitable as hardy plants. If you plant hardy balcony plants in autumn, you will usually have a beautiful winter planting for your window box.
Autumn perennials such as the pink autumn anemone and panicle hydrangeas such as Grandiflora, Pinky Winky and Polar Bear are also eye-catchers in your autumn garden, both in containers and in beds. Other plants you can plant for autumn include Kew Blue beard flower and oakleaf hydrangea, which are suitable as autumn perennials, in the border and as borders. Splendid Butterflies and Sunflower 'Moerheim Beauty' are also autumn bloomers that can grace your garden in open spaces and in the border in autumn.

Garden ideas for autumn, late summer happiness

As you can see, whether as hardy balcony plants in autumn or winter planting with flowers in the garden or on your patio, there are a variety of ways in which you can beautify your beds, open spaces and planters in autumn. Along the way, you'll be doing insects some good. Autumn flowering plants come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes. You are sure to find the right one for your garden.