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Healthy flowers, healthy garden: Why flower care fertilisers are important.

Flower care fertilisers are an important addition to any flower garden. They contain important nutrients that support the growth of flowers and help them to develop their full beauty and colour. Flower care fertilisers are available in various forms and compositions, from liquid to granulated or powdered forms.

Vibrant colours, hardy plants: How micronutrients in flower care fertilisers help

Flower care fertilisers typically contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, known as 'macronutrients'. These nutrients are crucial for flower growth, especially during the growing and flowering stages. A deficiency of these nutrients can lead to slower growth and lower flower production. In addition to macronutrients, flower care fertilisers also contain 'micronutrients', such as iron, manganese and zinc, which are important for healthy flowers. These micronutrients help give flowers vibrant colour and make them more resistant to pests and diseases.

Tailor-made care for your flowers: how to choose the perfect fertiliser

There are different types of flower care fertilisers to suit different needs and plant types. Some are specifically targeted at certain types of flowers, while others are all-purpose fertilisers suitable for different types of flowers and plants. It is important to choose the right fertiliser for your plants to ensure they receive the right nutrients and can thrive optimally. Flower care fertilisers should be applied at regular intervals depending on the type of fertiliser and the type of plant. You will find recommendations for application and dosage on our products. Some fertilisers can be applied directly to the soil, while others are dissolved in water and sprayed on the plants as a liquid fertiliser.

Overall, the use of flower care fertilisers is an important part of flower care. By providing flowers with the nutrients they need, gardeners can ensure that their flowers are strong, healthy and full of colour.