Ground cover shade tolerant

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Shade-tolerant groundcovers: an ideal choice for shady areas

Groundcovers that are shade tolerant are great for planting in shady areas of the garden, under trees or in other shady areas. They can help cover the ground and prevent weeds from growing, while providing a beautiful and colourful addition to your garden.

Some of the best ground covers for shady areas are:

Waldsteinia (Waldsteinia ternata): Waldsteinia is a low-maintenance groundcover that thrives in shade. It has bright yellow flowers in spring and is a good choice for areas that are not often watered.

Foamflower (Tiarella cordifolia): Foam flower is a pretty and colourful groundcover that will grow in shade. It has heart-shaped leaves and white flowers in spring.

Elfflower (Epimedium): The elfflower is a robust and long-lasting ground cover that also thrives in the shade. It has pretty flowers in various colours, including pink, purple and yellow.

Evergreen foam flower (Heuchera): The evergreen foamflower is a pretty groundcover with variegated leaves in different colours, including green, red and purple. It also has pretty flowers in spring and thrives well in shade.

Caring for shade-tolerant groundcovers: simple tips for healthy growth

If you have a shady area in your garden, consider groundcovers to cover the ground and add more colour and life to your garden. Be sure to consider the needs of each plant to ensure they grow and thrive well in your garden.

Caring for shade-tolerant groundcovers is usually quite simple. Here are some tips to help you keep your shade-tolerant groundcovers healthy and beautiful:

Watering: Shade-tolerant groundcovers usually need less water than plants in full sun because the soil stays moist longer in the shade. However, make sure that the soil does not get too wet, as this can lead to root rot. It is usually sufficient to water once a week, unless it is very dry or hot.

Fertilisation: Most shade-tolerant groundcovers require little fertiliser to stay healthy. An application of garden fertiliser for all garden crops in spring can help the plants to develop even better.

Weed control: Shade tolerant groundcovers are often good at suppressing weeds, but occasional weeding may be necessary to control weed growth. A layer of mulch can also help reduce weed growth.

Pruning: Some shade-tolerant groundcovers can be pruned from time to time to keep them in shape and remove excess growth. However, be careful not to prune them back too much as this can affect their growth.

Winter care: Some shade-tolerant groundcovers can be damaged in winter, especially if grown in areas with harsh winter conditions. A layer of mulch around the plants can help protect them from frost damage.

By following these simple care tips, you can ensure that your shade-tolerant ground covers stay healthy and beautiful.