sprawling bamboo

Sprawling bamboo - an eye-catcher as a specimen plant and as a...

bamboo without root runners

Bamboo without root runners - decorative and easy to plant....

Bamboo - exotic, decorative and versatile

Bamboo has been one of the most popular garden plants for many years. Despite their originally exotic origin, many bamboo species can also be planted in our temperate climate without any problems. Bamboo in the garden is therefore not only versatile and a beautiful eye-catcher, but also absolutely easy to care for. With almost 50 different species and well over 1000 varieties, bamboo is an extremely diverse plant family that belongs to the sweet grasses. In its original homeland of East Asia, there are species that can grow more than 40 m high. There, the plants grow in huge forests and groves and are also commercially very important. In our temperate climate zones, however, bamboo is purely a garden plant. The subtropical bamboo species are often called "true" bamboo and cannot be cultivated as pure outdoor plants in the garden in temperate climates, because these species are not hardy. In our country, two different genera are mainly used in the garden. One is the Phyllostachys species, the other is the Fargesia species.

Difference between Phyllostachys and Fargesia

All bamboo species grow from rootstocks. The individual culms reach their final height in the year of budding. The rootstocks, also called rhizomes, spread underground. In the Phyllostachys species, the rhizomes form very extensive runners, so that the plants can rapidly take over large areas of the garden if their spread is not appropriately contained. Therefore, if you plant bamboo from the genus Phyllostachys, you should definitely install a rhizome barrier. This way you can limit the spread of the bamboo plants to the desired area. Bamboo plants from the genus Fargesia also develop rhizomes. However, these do not form such large runners, so you can safely plant bamboo from the Fargesia genus without using a rhizome barrier. Before buying bamboo, it is therefore worth considering whether you want a plant from the Phyllostachys or Fargesia genus. Among the Phyllostachys species there are many varieties that can reach a considerable size and with their thick culms and evergreen foliage are an impressive eye-catcher in the garden. Bamboo species from the Fargesia genus are also known as umbrella bamboos. Most species are not quite so vigorous and therefore fit perfectly into small gardens. The slightly overhanging growth of these plants is characteristic and very decorative.

Robust, easy to care for and hardy

Garden bamboo is basically very robust and easy to care for. Almost without exception, all bamboo plants love a sunny to semi-shady location. Exceptions are some Fargesia varieties, such as the black umbrella bamboo, which feel comfortable in the shade. All varieties offered as garden bamboo for use in our temperate climate are absolutely winter-hardy and do not require much care. They can cope with normal garden soil, are pruning tolerant, but do not necessarily need to be cut back. The best time to plant bamboo is spring. However, as our bamboo plants are offered in pots, you can plant them all year round and do not have to observe a planting time with our bamboo.

Use of bamboo in the garden

You can plant garden bamboo very well to create a bamboo hedge. A bamboo hedge is excellent as a year-round screen because of the evergreen bamboo leaves. When you buy bamboo for a bamboo hedge, you should plant 2 to 4 plants per running metre, depending on the variety. Bamboo is by far not only suitable as a bamboo hedge in garden design. You can also buy bamboo to show it off in a solitary position or as a group planting. Planted as a solitary or in a container, a bamboo plant is a decorative and impressive design element in the garden, on the terrace or in patios. A small bamboo grove of several plants enchants every home garden into a green oasis. Due to its versatility, it is hard to imagine a garden without bamboo. You can buy bamboo for almost any garden style without hesitation, because you can plant bamboo in an Asian-style garden just as well as in a modern home garden. With its evergreen foliage, bamboo in the garden is a perfect planting partner for countless perennials and shrubs that also love a sunny to semi-shady location. Bamboo makes a particularly beautiful picture together with hostas, rhododendrons and azaleas or in the vicinity of the red fan maple.