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Instant hedges: A new hedge in just one day

The hardest part of planting a hedge is the long wait. Usually, home and garden owners want to achieve fast results and effective visual and sound insulation. The Quick Hedge system ensure that you hedge in one day is not wishful imagination. Thanks to this system it only takes a few hours to get a completely new hedge in your garden.

How the Quick Hedge system works

You buy ready-made, mature hedge plants from us. These plants were planted, undercut and cut using GPS-controlled tools. The advantage of this method is that you buy a perfect, opaque hedge, which is guaranteed to grow quickly. Quick Hedge is made up of 1 meter elements, which are delivered in bio-usable boxes. Alternatively, you have the option to order the hedging elements in a decorative box made of wood, stone or steel. In addition to a full-grown hedge, Quick Hedge is supplied with a drip system, making watering your hedge in summertime a breeze.

The benefits of purchasing Quick Hedge at our webshop

First of all, buying a Quick Hedge ensures speed in creating a beautiful garden. You do not have to wait months for individual plants to grow to provide coverage, but you can enjoy a finished hedge right after planting.
How do the hedge elements get directly from the breeder of our region? This allows you to rely 100 percent on quality and freshness. Because we save middlemen, we can pass on the price advantages that result directly to our customers. Many gardeners bridge the wait for the hedge to grow with a fence. This is expensive and above all unnecessary. With a finished hedge plant, you can save both your wallet and the environment. We offer various hedgerow elements such as the hornbeam, the cornel, the beech or the tree of life.