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Fruit: Cherry and apple trees for your garden

Maybe you associate with a peach, an apple or cherry tree pictures from your childhood, as you sit in Granny's garden and enjoy the ripe fruits. Fruit trees and fruits belong in every garden. They enrich the lovingly cultivated beds and ensure that every summer becomes the most beautiful of your life.

Which fruit for my garden?

Whether you choose a fruit tree or a small strawberry plant depends, of course, primarily on your available space. And of course, which varieties belong to your favorite fruit. More and more people are choosing to grow their own fruit and vegetables instead of relying on the quality of the local supermarket. They have control over how the fruit is fertilized and can be sure that it also tastes like fruit and has not been artificially bred. Find a nice location for your fruit tree or your fruit plants and also pay attention to when which plant is ripe for enjoyment. For hobby gardeners are especially fruit plants that are as resistant to pests. Browse our assortment, think about which fruits you can best use at home and which plants you can use to provide optimal growth conditions.

Fruit trees and plants from our online shop

Feel free to click through our selection of fresh fruit trees and shrubs, most of which come from local breeders. So you always get the best goods, without having to accept the often high fees for the middleman. You always get fresh goods in the best quality at fair prices that you hardly get elsewhere so cheap.

Plant fruit in your garden and look forward to juicy plums, pears, apples, cherries, berries, kiwi and figs.