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cherry laurel novita

cherry laurel novita

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Laurel  Genolia®

Laurel Genolia®

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Portugal laurel

Portugal laurel

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cherry laurel novita

cherry laurel novita

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Buy hedge plants online: Evergreen or deciduous hedges for privacy and sound protection

Our hedge plants are the heart of our webshop - we have provided many satisfied customers with peace and privacy on their properties. Our product range includes evergreen hedge plants as well as ready-made hedges and deciduous Hedge plants, and we have various sizes to choose from for your garden. 

Our passion: hedge plants for your garden

As a specialist on hedge plants, we have a particularly large selection to choose from. We carry both evergreen plants such as the taxus and the cherry laurel as well as deciduous hedge plants such as hornbeam or privet. For a quick result in your garden we also have ready-made hedge plants in our product range. 

Our pricing strategy:

Providing high quality plants at reasonable prices Among the most frequently asked questions from our customers is: “Why are the hedge plants from your garden shop so cheap?” We save the unnecessary fees of the middle-man and get our plants directly from the grower. This will always give you 100 percent fresh plants and high quality plants. Hedges fulfil an important function in gardens, serving as a privacy screen for more privacy and soundproofing properties. In addition, the hedge also visually serves the garden boundary. Especially the evergreen hedges provide freshness and color in your garden throughout the year. 

Which hedge plant is the right one for my garden?

Impatient garden owners will be pleased with our finished hedge elements. In just one day you can integrate a natural visual and sound protection in the form of a hedge in your garden, without laboriously hoisting a hedge. Evergreen plants have the property that they do not lose their leaves even in winter and therefore, especially in the gloomy season preserve some of the joyous liveliness of the summer. The deciduous hedge plants are the right choice for you if you want more light in your garden in summer and want a green, flowering hedge in summer.
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