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Buy hedge plants online – the ideal privacy screen

Our hedge plantings form the heart of our online shop as well as many beautiful gardens. Our hedge plants already provide many people with peace and privacy in their gardens, front yards and on their properties. In our wide range you will find evergreen hedge plantingsrunning hedge plants and already grown hedge elements With the large selection, ornamental gardens, farm gardens or utility gardens as well as terraces and properties can be stylishly framed and protected from unwanted glances. Use plants of the right size, hedging plants that grow quickly and with or without flowers.

Everlasting and deciduous hedge plantings

A variety of plants can be used as privacy hedges. For example, there are evergreen hedge plants that show their lush green even in winter. There are deciduous hedges that drop their leaves in autumn, and there are varieties that show different coloured flowers at the right time. Flowering hedges include species such as PhotiniaMeatberries or Liguster, which flower at different times of the year and decorate the hedges in different colours. Hedge plants, such as beech, are among our deciduous hedge plants

Do you prefer large leaves or evergreen needles? Do you need a year-round privacy screen or just a clear demarcation of your property? Are you looking for a particularly fast-growing hedge for quick results? No matter what type of hedge you want, you will find the right hedge planting for every project with us.

Plants direct from the grower – cheap and fresh

Because we do not use middlemen and save unnecessary fees, we can offer you 100% fresh hedge plants at fair and reasonable prices. Our passion for plants is reflected in our cooperation with selected growers whose quality you can always rely on. In addition, you can buy beautiful, healthy and effective hedging plants from us that will meet your expectations and beautify your property all year round. After your purchase, follow the planting instructions to ensure the best possible care for your hedge plant.

Which hedge plant for which garden?

If you are unsure which hedge planting is most suitable for you, you should ask yourself the following questions: Can the hedge in your garden develop slowly or do you need finished results in the short term with fast-growing hedges or complete hedge elements? Fast-growing hedges are, for example, bamboohornbeam or cherry laurel Do you want an evergreen hedge all year round, a flowering hedge or can it shed its foliage in autumn?

The evergreen hedges are ideal as a year-round privacy hedge. With them, you can retain some of the joyful vibrancy of summer even in the dull season. Deciduous hedges are the ideal choice for anyone who wants more light in the garden in winter and privacy in summer. A flowering hedge scores with fragrant flowers and is also insect-friendly. Discover the variety of hedge plantings at intragarten.de