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Forms such as boxwood balls, multiballs and trunks

If you have ever bothered to trim a boxwood, for example, the range of cut from our online shop will appreciate. Our topiary trees are already cut in shape and only need to be cut from time to time. Make balls, squares, triangles or other geometric figures that can be cut back into shape in next to no time. Even hobby gardeners can quickly learn the little art of great impact in the garden and enhance their garden with beautiful boxwood cones and trees. Be inspired in our shop to a creative garden design with shape cutting plants.

Where do the mold trees from the garden online shop come from?

 Our plants have not come a long way when they arrive, they come directly from local breeders. This is also the reason why we offer you substantial discounts and can sell the mold trees so cheap. We bypass the intermediate trade and offer you fresh plants of the highest quality. We only accept first-class breeders as partners, for whom we can guarantee the good quality of the products. With us you are guaranteed to find the right mold.

These woodcuts are part of the assortment in the Intragaren-Onlineshop

We sell mold trees that you can plant both in your garden and in large planters. Among the most popular form trees include the classic boxwood balls and boxwood cones. They get the plants already with the perfect cut and need to cut only as needed and growth. Very effective are our multi-spheres, which are especially good on terraces but also in beds. However, let yourself be inspired by the exotic shaped cut plants such as the fig tree or the garden marshmallow. Plant Hollyhocks, Lilacs, Portuguese Laurel or Brilliant Medlar in your garden and look forward to the small, individual artworks that will liven up your garden in the future.