ornamental perennial

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The leafy ornamental perennial in general enriches every garden with its attractive foliage.

The best-known ornamental foliage perennials include funcias, ferns, purple laurel, bergenia or ornamental grasses. Many can be used as ground covers. Depending on the species, these plants will delight you with their striking leaves. Be it through their colourfulness, their shape, size or structure. The decorative foliage perennials usually provide colour and expressiveness in the garden for months, if not all year round. There is also a suitable ornamental perennial for every location. Whether shady or sunny: the choice of plants is huge. If you want to plant larger areas with a ground cover, there is a large selection within the ornamental foliage perennials. Great ground covers within the leafy ornamental perennial category are, for example, creeping spindle, matted woolly zest, fat man or Caucasian forget-me-not.

Funkias are the classics among the leafy ornamental perennials.

There is a large selection of hostas with a wide variety of leaf colours, shapes and sizes. The hosta is not only ravishingly beautiful, but also uncomplicated and easy to care for. One of the most beautiful varieties is the blue-leaved Hosta (Hosta sieboldiana). It grows up to sixty centimetres tall and delights every observer with its large heart-shaped leaves. The beauty is that this decorative foliage plant can be integrated into any garden style. Whether in a bed or in a tub, whether in a modern city garden or a country house garden: the hosta is incredibly elegant. The Hosta Wide Brim is multi-coloured. It has green and white leaves and immediately catches the eye. Hostas develop best in semi-shady places in a slightly moist soil.

Ferns fascinate with their great variety of shapes and colours.

There is hardly a more fascinating spectacle in the garden than the spring appearance of ferns when the leaf fronds unfold in a spiral. They set great accents in natural gardens or parks. They look magical at the edge of a pond or along a stream, for example. They lend a fairytale charm to any location. Shady or semi-shady locations with nutrient-rich and humus-rich, well-drained soil are ideal.

Purple lilies also attract admiring glances with their decorative leaves and enchanting flowers.

The lobed and colourful foliage is the feature of almost all Heuchera varieties. They are practical decorative ground covers with lovely flowers, usually on delicate stems above the foliage. Purple lilies are particularly effective in groups. They adorn borders, patio gardens or rock gardens. The perennial is excellent in the shade garden or at the edge of a wood. The soil should be humus-rich, well-drained and fresh.

Bergenias are valuable early bloomers and decorative eye-catchers.

The bergenia is an easy-care ground cover and a richly flowering foliage ornamental plant. It is a striking early bloomer and can cope with both sunny and shady locations. This evergreen ground cover decorates any garden and is an important food source for bumblebees and bees in spring. Its inflorescences, which rise above the leathery foliage, are typical. The flat-growing leaves are wintergreen and give the garden structure in the cold season. The perennial decorates flower beds, planters, rock gardens, walls and also does well at the edge of a pond or under trees.

Ornamental grasses give structure and movement to the garden.

The grasses also have beautiful foliage. Great ornamental elements for the garden are sedges, lamp grass, Japanese blood grass or the beautiful Japanese mountain grass. When the blades sway gently in the wind, every garden lover's heart swells at the sight.