winter bloomers

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These winter bloomers put your garden in the spotlight.

Are you impatiently looking forward to spring? No need, with an explosion of fresh colours, the winter bloomers, but also other beautiful garden plants, will enchant your garden during the cold seasons. Discover which flowers and plants will transform your winter garden into a colourful paradise. When it's nice and warm in the house and you look through the window at your garden or terrace, it's always great when your garden looks cheerful.
Many things don't flower in winter, but there are exceptions. The Viburnum tinus shows its best side in the cold season. Other flowering garden plants are Helleborus niger or Skimmia japonica, which is still in bud, but with its red colour is quite recommendable. Various shrubs flower on bare branches, such as the winter jasmine with its yellow flowers (Jasminum nudiflorum) and the Chinese beautyberry with purple berries (Callicarpa bodinieri), which always have a very special appearance.

Colour accents in your garden even without flowers

When all the perennials have bloomed and the garden is bare, you can still add colour accents to make your garden attractive in winter. The easiest and most obvious way, of course, is to add evergreen shrubs, trees and plants to your garden. This will give you a green base to fall back on all year round. Think, for example, of rhododendrons, hollies and leafy hedging plants such as photinia, yew, conifers or cherry laurel. The beautiful green of these plants in combination with the bronze-purple leaves of the Red Purple Bellflower will not make you think that it is winter. In addition, there are evergreen climbing plants that provide colour, such as ivy. The Hedera yellow ripple variety gives your fence a yellow-green colour in winter and the Hedera glacier variety gives your wall a beautiful combination of green and white.

To stand out in winter, it may also be berries.

There is a whole range of garden plants that make a beautiful picture in winter, even though they don't flower then, but instead have berries in all sizes, shapes and colours. They are plentiful. Take Nandina domestica, for example, which bears whole bunches of bright red berries in winter. Whether you plant such plants in a flower bed or in a pot on the patio, they are real eye-catchers everywhere. There are several bedding plants that bear berries in winter. Various varieties of cotoneaster enrich their foliage, including red berries, to form a colourful carpet and enchant your garden in the cold season.

Winter plants are true all-rounders, they often require less care and are often undemanding. In addition, there is also a wide range of winter flowering plants in the plant world. Take a look in our shop and be inspired by the beauty of these plants.