Foliage ornamental perennials

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Ornamental foliage perennials as eye-catchers in the garden


Ornamental foliage perennials are a diverse group of plants whose striking foliage makes them a valuable addition to any garden. Unlike flowering perennials, ornamental foliage perennials are known for their unique foliage and are often chosen for their texture, colour and shape. They offer a great way to add interest to a garden through their different foliage and textures.

Different types of foliage ornamental perennials

There are many different types of foliage ornamental perennials, many of which are known for their autumn colours, hardy qualities and ability to stay green all year round. Here are some popular types of foliage ornamental perennials:

Funkias (Hosta): Funkias are known for their large, heart-shaped leaves and come in a variety of colours, including green, blue and white. They prefer moist and shady locations and are well suited to shady garden areas.

Purple Bellflower (Heuchera): Purple bellflowers have unique, leaf-like inflorescences and are known for their colourful foliage, which comes in a variety of shades of orange, red, pink and purple.

Stachys byzantina (Lamb's Ear): Lamb's ear is a popular ground cover plant known for its fluffy, silvery leaves and thrives in dry, sunny areas.

Bergenie (Bergenia): Bergenia is a hardy perennial with thick, leathery leaves that turn a beautiful colour in autumn. They thrive in moist and shady locations.

Hakone grass (Hakonechloa macra): Hakone grass is known for its beautiful foliage, which comes in a variety of shades of green, yellow and red. It prefers moist and shady locations and can also be used in pots or as a ground cover.

Tips for caring for foliage ornamental perennials

To get the most out of your ornamental foliage perennials, make sure you water them regularly, but also that they don't get too wet. Most ornamental foliage perennials prefer a moist but well-drained soil. It is important to water them regularly to make sure they do not dry out, but also to make sure the soil does not get too wet. Waterlogging can lead to root rot. In addition, make sure they get enough sunlight or shade, depending on the type of foliage ornamental perennials you have chosen. Foliage ornamental perennials only need occasional fertiliser to stay healthy. Once in spring and once in summer you can use a slow-release fertiliser. For some plants, occasional pruning is beneficial to ensure they stay in shape and healthy. You can remove dead or damaged leaves or inflorescences or cut the plant back to encourage growth. Overall, ornamental foliage perennials can be a valuable addition to any garden and offer a variety of colours, textures and shapes that can enhance the visual appeal of your garden.