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Portugal laurel

Portugal laurel

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Laurel  Genolia®

Laurel Genolia®

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cherry laurel novita

cherry laurel novita

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Laurel Caucasica

Laurel Caucasica

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Your shop for hedge plants, ground cover and fruit trees

High quality and cheap garden planting for your green living room

Flowering plants, a beautifull pruned hedge or a fruit tree with ripe fruit are the epitome of happiness for many gardeners. Maintaining a garden is much more than just a hobby. It is a passion that offers you a welcome balance to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. After all, what could be better than starting the day with a view of a blooming garden or ending a long day on the terrace with the scent of a summer lilac?

Buy your garden planting cheap without intermediate trade from breeder from the region

Browse through the colorful and thriving product world in our online shop. We have bale goods, groundcover, trees, topiary, hedge plants, climbing plants, conifers, fruit trees, perennials, shrubs and ornamental grasses on offer. You do not need to take bulk containers, but get already small plants for a very fair price. We buy the garden plants directly from the breeder from the region, so that we completely bypass the intermediate trade. We gladly pass on the price advantages in the form of very favorable prices to our customers. This makes us one of the cheapest online shops for gardening. Fast delivery and personal contact with us are also part of our service promise to you.

You are cordially invited to discover our assortment and enrich your garden with beautiful, new plants.

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