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Coniferous trees as hedge, groundcover and evergreen eye-catcher for your garden

Coniferous trees are not only in the forest, but also in your garden: As a hedge or as a solitary. Above all, the evergreen conifers are an eye-catcher in every season. During Christmas, decorate Fir and Co. with weatherproof trifles; In the summer, the conifers are green accents that enrich your garden landscape.

Which conifers for my garden?

The advantage of all coniferous trees is that you as a garden and land owner have little work with it. They grow slowly and rarely need to be watered or pruned depending on the season. There are evergreen conifers in many different sizes, shapes and colors, so you will always find in our garden shop a suitable garden plant, which integrates into your green. Even ground cover as the juniper are among the popular conifers, which produce a great effect with little effort. Densely planted, coniferous trees such as the column yew or the Bechereibe can also be planted as a hedge and thus form a natural screen against the curious eyes of the neighbors. Which coniferous plants are the right ones for your garden, you decide on the basis of the optics as well as afterwards, whether your garden fulfills the appropriate site conditions. It is therefore best to read the care instructions before deciding on a conifer or a needle plant. In general, however, all coniferous trees are very happy with a little light, air and water and will give you a lot of pleasure.

Conifers from our garden online shop

You are cordially invited to browse our assortment of many different conifers. Many trees and groundcover can be planted year-round, so you can order today and get started tomorrow. Our plants come mainly from breeders in the region, so you can always expect fresh quality goods. Of course, our coniferous plants are safely packed so that they arrive safely and happily at home and look forward to their new location