Boxwood replacement

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Boxwood replacement - alternatives for hedges and topiary

For a long time, various boxwoods of the genus Buxus were used in many gardens for hedges, shrubs and ornamental pruning. To this day, boxwood is well established in our native gardens, as it is a useful shrub for a wide variety of uses. In recent years, however, the incidence of box blight and the spread of the borer has unfortunately increased dramatically, completely destroying entire hedges as well as ornate topiary gardens and features.
Many had to give up on saving the buxus, the damage was too great, the infestation too extensive. As a result, gardeners and passionate gardeners had to look for boxwood alternatives. We have put together a nice selection of alternatives to boxwood that are just as robust and easy to care for as the genus Buxus.

Substitutes for box hedges

Whether low-growing or tall, the boxwood hedge captivated with its dense growth and lush year-round greenery. Boxwood substitutes with the same characteristics are for example
-Ilex crenata (Japan pod)
-or Ligustrum Ovalifolium (privet).

Thus, the evergreen privet hedge is also visually reminiscent of the original boxwood. The alternatives to boxwood also grow very tall and offer dense branches. So you can also provide privacy and sun protection with these boxwood-like plants.

Hedges that only serve as visual boundaries can also be created with
-Lonicera nitida (hedge myrtle)
-Sarcococca confusa (Fleshberry)

can be used. They convince with small leaves and breathtakingly beautiful colours in the different seasons. With our boxwood alternatives you can create dreamlike hedges in any desired height.

Boxwood alternatives for topiary and beds

If you are looking for a worthy boxwood replacement for ornate topiary and geometric shapes, you will quickly find what you are looking for in our shop. For large spheres, cylinders and cones, for example, the following plants have long been popular
-Japanese holly,
-spindle bush
-and tree of life

have proven their worth as a substitute for boxwood.

A substitute for boxwood as a border or pathway edging is the spindle shrub or, with regular pruning, the hedge myrtle. There are various types of boxwood alternatives that are particularly suitable for flexible applications in gardens, parks or around beds and patios.

If the evergreen aspect of the boxwood alternative is not important to you, you can also grow imposing hedges with barberry. Evergreens, but not quite as similar in appearance to boxwood, are plants such as yew with its needle-like leaves or cherry laurel. Both can be used as hedges or as topiary.

Find your new boxwood replacement at and bring green back into your garden.