Evergreen hedges


Bamboo - exotic, decorative and versatile Bamboo has been one...

Buxus Sempervirens

Buxus Sempervirens

the yew

The yew - a hedge with a history Among hedge plants, the yew...

Sarcococca confusa

Sarcococca confusa

the glossy medlar

The glossy medlar - a real eye-catcher The glossy medlar or...

Hedge myrtle

Hedge myrtle - the popular boxwood substitute The hedge...

Cherry laurel

Cherry laurel - evergreen and hardy The cherry laurel owes...


Thuja a promising hedge plant Garden owners who want to plant...



Spindle bush

Spindle bush - the versatile plant family The spindle shrub...

Holly and Japan pod

Stechpalme / Japan-Hülse als würdevoller Buchsbaum...


Die Zypresse - ein beliebter Exot für den heimischen Garten...

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Evergreen hedge - year-round greenery for property and garden

Evergreen hedges retain their foliage even in winter and thus provide a dense visual screen all year round. In our online shop you will find various types of evergreen hedge plants such as privet, bamboo or cherry laurel. The plants inspire with different leaf shapes and colours. In addition, the evergreen hedges are available in fast-growing and leisurely-growing versions. Here it is important to orientate oneself according to one's own ideas. The low-maintenance evergreen hedge offers many other advantages that can be taken into account in addition to permanent privacy protection. So everyone can find the right evergreen hedge plant in our online shop!

Exotic evergreen privacy screen

Exotic plants are also suitable as protective and beautiful evergreen hedge plants. Bamboo, for example, is a plant that can be found in the tropics and subtropics as well as in temperate latitudes. Bamboo as an evergreen privacy screen brings an exotic flair to the home garden. The exotic evergreen hedges that you will find in our shop come from rather warmer regions, but are easy to care for and frost-hardy.

Frost and winter hardy evergreen hedges

Whether exotic or native: If you are looking for a particularly frost and winter hardy hedge, you will find it here! Depending on the future home, the evergreen screen should be able to withstand temperatures of up to minus 20 °C. Varieties such as yew, loquat or boxwood also cope well with low temperatures. Cherry laurel or holly are also winter-hardy, as are most evergreen hedges. Even in areas where snow and frost are still regular guests, you can beautify your property or garden with the right evergreen hardy hedge.

Evergreen hedge plants as decorative protection

An evergreen hedge fulfils important tasks in or around your own home. It borders the property or a part of it and thus often replaces the boring garden fence. It protects against unwanted glances and, depending on the density, also against excessive noise. Permanent green hedge varieties such as holly are also difficult to penetrate, which at the same time makes trespassing on your property more difficult. In our shop you will find, on the one hand, evergreen hedges with an informal, natural growth habit such as the laurel hedge with its large, glossy leaves. In contrast to this are slender, formal hedges. By the way, a permanent green hedge also comes with flowers. Species such as myrtle and spindle bush bear small and inconspicuous flowers. Medlar and privet, on the other hand, have larger flowers.

At intragarten.de you will find all types of evergreen hedging plants. Discover our variety of products now!

Fast growing evergreen hedge

Evergreen hedge plants are easy to care for and robust. If you like to have a nice high and opaque hedge quickly, you will benefit from evergreen hedges fast growing. Otherwise, you can also find ready-made hedge elements in our wide range. Find evergreen hedges that suit you and your ideas at intragarten.de!