Spindle bush

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Spindle bush - the versatile plant family

The spindle shrub or Euonymus, also known in German-speaking countries as the Pfaffenhütchen, belongs to the ancient family of spindle trees. The spindle shrubs are versatile and are particularly suitable as low-maintenance evergreen hedging plants. The undemanding plants are characterised by their fast, dense growth and can be easily integrated into most common garden styles. A spindle shrub hedge can also enhance your garden.

Japanese Spindle Shrub

A very popular evergreen subspecies of the spindle shrub is the Japanese spindle shrub. As the name suggests, this plant originates from Japan. It grows up to 1.20 metres high, but also grows very wide. The leaves are very slightly serrated and ovate. Unlike some of its relatives, the Japanese spindle bush is evergreen. In spring until June, the Euonymus develops white, slightly greenish flowers. The shrub prefers a rather warm environment as it is not particularly frost-hardy. Ideally, Japanese spindle bushes should be planted in a humus-rich soil in spring. Waterlogging should be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, however, the plant requires almost no care. A little compost or horn shavings once a year is enough to provide the plant with the essentials. The shrubs can also easily withstand pruning, which makes them interesting as a spindle shrub hedge. The Japanese spindle shrub is an authentic addition, especially in Asian garden shapes. Otherwise, the shrub can be used excellently as a spindle shrub hedge or as a single plant. In any case, it is a useful and decorative addition to all garden styles.

Evergreen Creeping Spindle

This Euonymus variety, which is also evergreen, spreads in a creeping manner. The dark green, egg-shaped leaves are very dense. This makes the plant very suitable as a ground cover. During June and into July, the Euonymus forms light greenish white inflorescences consisting of several small inconspicuous flowers. The preferred location is in the shade. The evergreen creeping spindle does not tolerate too much sun, as its water requirement then increases enormously and growth is restricted. It has no soil requirements and is basically compatible with any garden soil. However, the evergreen creeping spindle likes nutrient-rich humus soils. Beyond that, hardly any care is necessary. The evergreen creeping spindle hardly needs any pruning and is very frost hardy. The properties of the evergreen creeping spindle make it a must for every garden. Especially in shady areas as ground cover, it turns corners that are difficult to plant into an attractive green area. The Euonymus is also ideal as an underplanting or edging because of its love of a shady location. As neighbouring plants, carnations or soapwort are very suitable for the creeping spindle, as these plants together form a contrasting carpet of flowers.

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