sprawling bamboo

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Sprawling bamboo - an eye-catcher as a specimen plant and as a hedge plant

Bamboo is the panda's favourite food and a popular ornamental and hedge plant in this country. In China, however, it is used to regenerate rice fields that have been depleted. Once the bamboo plants have grown in the fields for ten years, rice can be planted there again. In a real Zen garden, bamboo plants simply belong. But it is not only popular in Asian-style gardens. Whether as an eye-catcher or as a bamboo hedge for privacy protection, bamboo always fits. Many varieties can even be planted in large pots on the balcony or terrace.

Buying bamboo - these are the most popular varieties

The most popular runner-forming sprawling bamboo varieties are: Golden-haired bamboo: stands out in the garden because of its imposing appearance, dense growth and colour accents. It has green leaves and dark culms and is very decorative. It has green canes that can grow up to 5 centimetres thick. Buy golden Peking bamboo if you want special colour accents in the garden. It has culms that can range from golden-yellow to brownish, but look orange-red in the sun. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most commonly used species in gardens. Arrow bamboo is ideal for those who want to create a bamboo hedge. It can also be planted in the shade and usually grows between 3.5 to 4 metres high. It grows very densely. You can create an opaque bamboo hedge with arrow bamboo. Green pipe bamboo is a plant that can grow very tall. It is often planted as a specimen plant and quickly becomes an attraction in the garden. This plant can also be used as a tree bamboo hedge.

Bamboo in the garden: plant characteristics and care

Bamboo grows very quickly, between one and two metres a year is easily possible. It reaches a size of three to seven metres, depending on the variety chosen. For example, green bamboo is one of those plants that can easily reach seven metres. In its native habitat, the culms can reach a diameter of up to thirty centimetres. Here, the culms reach a maximum diameter of around five centimetres. If you buy bamboo here, you will receive the plants in pots. This means you can plant the bamboo in your garden at any time. You can plant the bamboo almost anywhere: from sunny to semi-shady - arrow bamboo even in the shade. It does not make any demands on the soil either. The only thing it does not like is waterlogging. You should also pay attention to this when transplanting the plants into a large pot. The water should be able to drain away easily and not accumulate. This can lead to root rot and the bamboo plants can die in the worst case. The advantage of planting the bamboo in a pot rather than in the garden is that they do not need a rhizome barrier. If you prefer clump-forming bamboo, you can also buy it from us.

Runner-forming bamboo - don't forget the rhizome barrier

When planting rampant bamboo, you should think about a rhizome barrier: this is indispensable because the bamboo forms runners and thus the plant multiplies quickly and takes over a large part of its surroundings after a few years. However, a rhizome barrier should not be too narrow, ideally at least two metres. This way the roots have enough space to grow and flourish without, however, reaching places where it should not grow. If you forget the rhizome barrier or deliberately do without it, you or at least your neighbours will regret it after a few years.