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The benefits of trees in your garden – share, fruit and structural elements

Trees are a real asset to any garden, they optically structure a property and provide a spatial effect. Trees provide valuable shade in the summer time to enjoy the fresh air with a good book. If you choose a fruit tree, you will also get a delicious snack or ingredients for a fresh apple or plum cake. However, planting trees can also have other positive side effects, such as natural privacy against the neighboring property. To generate privacy we recommend planting a type of hedge on high trunk and to use the trellis trees from our webshop.

Which trees are suitable for my garden?

Deciding on which type of tree is most suited to optimally integrate into your garden depends largely on the size of your ploy. A monkey tree, for example, needs plenty of room to grow and should have ample opportunity to fully develop in your garden. For small gardens we recommend Catalpas or Akzien, since they take away little space due to their slow growth.

Tips for gardening trees

Trees are a key element of most gardens, like flowers and grass. To enjoy your trees for a long time, it is best to consider the following tips on integrating your new trees into your garden.

  1. If necessary, leave root barriers in the ground.

    Once you have planted the tree, you can no longer control root growth, this could become problematic when flat-rooted trees are planted close to paved paths. Hence it is important to consider whether root locks need to be placed at critical points prior to planting the tree.

  2. Support young trees

    Young trees often have a long, thin trunk that can quickly break in a storm, even older trees can quickly uproot at appropriate wind speeds. It is therefore important to provide your tree with appropriate support. Best is to plant the tree in the middle of a tricycle that supports the trunk on all sides.

  3. Consider the expected height and crown width after growth

Of course, a tree ideally grows both in height and width. When buying a tree, not only consider the current size but take into consideration how much space it will take later.

You are very welcome to find suitable trees for your garden in our assortment.