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Domestic perennials and shrubs in a large selection from our garden online shop

Perennials and shrubs are often planted in many native gardens because they are robust and can bloom for a very long time in intense colors. Delight in red roses, a purple rhododendron or a yellow jasmine. Our perennials and shrubs come mainly from breeders in the region and are delivered fresh directly to your home without intermediate trade at fair prices.

Modern bed design with perennials

It is a great challenge both for the hobby gardener as well as for the professional to make the garden with shrubs and shrubs. For example, it is important that the flowering times are attuned to each other if you want to combine several perennials into a single bed. After all, they want to experience a full, colorful bloom once a year. A single flowering shrub can quickly set in a flowerbed. Please pay attention to the soil and location conditions. How much light do the plants need? Can they stand in full sun and do they need to be watered regularly? Again, there should be a certain similarity among the plants. In terms of design and aesthetics, of course, you are completely free. Plant purple summer lilac beside yellow jasmine and red camellia. At the heyday you will be rewarded with a paradisiac sight.

Buy cheap perennials and shrubs online

Do you have a great deal of work every year to go to the gardening market, to buy the shrubs and shrubs, ornamental grasses and ground cover and to pay a lot of money in the end? With us you get everything for your garden directly online. Put together your selection - we deliver all shrubs and shrubs fresh from the grower at the best prices on the market. Best quality at fair prices, which you hardly get elsewhere so cheap

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